Monday, 7 November 2011

Blog Wars 2 - Possible Army List

Ok, Blog Wars is only a few weeks away and I'm still not 100% certain about how I'm going to construct my army.
So far, the list I’m planning on taking looks like this:
Lord Kaldor Draigo

5 x Grey Knights
Psycannon, 3 Halberds and a Daemon Hammer
Psybolt Ammo
Razorback with TL Lascannon

5x Grey Knights
Psycannon, 3 Halberds and a Daemon Hammer
Psybolt Ammo
Razorback, Heavy Bolter + Psybolt Ammo

10 x Paladins
4x Psycannons 2x Daemon Hammers + a mix of halberds and swords
Psybolt ammo
(This unit will be combat-squadded if needed)

Fast Attack
Stormraven Gunship - TL Lascannon + Typhoon Missile Launcher

Heavy Support
Dreadnaught + TL Lascannon

I think this list has a lot of flexibility and a fair amount of long-range punching power. The plan is to use the knights in the transports to zip around as needed, offering fire support and contesting objectives. The Lascannon obviously coming in handy popping enemy transports or dreads, while the heavy bolter harrasses hordes of nids or Orks. The Paladins will probably be combat squaded with a 5 man team + Draigo in the raven, and the rest coming via deep-strike when I need them (using Draigos roll modifier to make sure they come in when i want!) They'll be the main strike force of my army - taking out any major threats my opponents might field. The dread will be used as a firebase, sitting in the backfield taking pop-shots at terminators or tanks as necessary.
The only worry I have is that the army plays a bit like a glass hammer - The Paladins are very weak against lightning claws or Thunderhammers and a lot of melta/AP1 weapons can really hurt!! I think target priority is a must in this army - i need to virtually ignore all "Basic" weapons until the heavy weapons are destroyed. Hopefully this can be accomplished and I'll win the tournament (as if!)

I'll be testing this list against fellow blogger the 6thdegree who will be using his monster Tyranind army – hopefully this will give me an idea of any changes/tweaks that might need to be made

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  1. PMSL! Just read this without looking at the blog name...I was like "I know someone who is using this exact list..."