Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Blog Wars 2 - This S**t is getting real!

it's only 5 days away and I must say I'm getting quite excited. Although I'm not expecting to win anything, I think the opportunity to play a few games against likeminded individuals (read fellow geeks) will be awesome. Thankfully, unlike some people I know (Nudge Nudge the 6th degree) I finished painting my army and modelling my objectives weeks ago, and can enjoy a nice relaxing week without panic-painting!. Although most of my army is pretty bog-standard (Boltgun metal, Shining Gold, Ice Blue - DONE!) I've had fun modelling a "Counts-as" Vindicare Assassin from an old Imperial Guard Sniper model (It's Scope from the Last Chancers for all you old school players!)
Here it is:

Although the Paintwork on the model itself is only fairly basic, I think the scenic basing and addition of the static grass, makes it look pretty sweet! I love how the model blends into the trees, and how it looks like it's been camping for days looking for the perfect opportunity to strike!
I'll post some more pics of my completed army when I get a chance, including my (pretty badly) converted Draigo!

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