Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Colonial Marines Conversions 1 - Private Drake - COMPLETE

The first conversion i'm working on will be my "counts as" Gunnery Sergeant Harker - Private Drake. In Aliens, Drake is armed with the M56 Smart Gun - probably the most iconic weapon from the film, and certainly a fan favourite
M56 Smart Gun 

Private Drake in action

As you can see in the above picture, Drake isn't wearing the full Colonial Marine Body Armour, so using pure Cadian parts will not be an option. I've already gathered a few bits from my bits box and this is what i'll be using on this conversion:

I'm using some legs from the Catachan Jungle Fighters box, and a Cadian Shock Trooper Torso. The right arm is a Catachan Lasgun arm, which i will be filing down to remove the rifle butt, and repositioning on the torso using Greenstuff so that it "holds" the Smartgun better. The left arm is from the Catachan Command Squad Srpue, and the Smartgun itself is a pintle mounted Heavy Stubber from the Chimera box. I'm using the end of the Grey Knights Warding stave as the back handle of the gun, and what I think is a vehicle accessory from the Rhino Sprue to add a targeter and spotlight. The head is again from the Catachan Command Sprue. The tip of the lasgun will be cut off and used as a helmet cam, and I might use the magazine and grip from the boltgun to add extra detail to the smartgun if needed.

I've completed making this model now and it's been a really fun process - I think i need to be a bit more delicate with my Greenstuf work in the future, but luckilly I found some spare IG shoulder pads to cover up most of the mess! Here are the pictures of the completed model - they're a little fuzzy as I took them late last night, but they'll do to show the general outline of the model - i'll upload better pics once the squad is complete

Private Drake

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