Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Look at My Monkeys!

Blog Wars 3 is nearly upon us (only 4 days to go!!) and I must say it's very nice being in the position of having everything painted and based well in advance of the deadline. Unusually I've really enjoyed painting for the tournament, and although i've only really painted to a very basic standard I'm really proud of how the army looks on the tabletop. Also, I've enjoyed modelling the display board and my fantastic centre piece scenery. As I've had a few people ask about them, I thought it would be only fair to put up some pics for people to check out the Monkey Magic:

Inquisitor Chimpeaz

My HQ choice has really been the inspiration for the whole army. The fact that I can field a tonne of Jokaeros, and how much I love monkeys in general meant the theme for my army was a no-brainer. Chimpeaz himself is no pushover, and mixed in a unit of Jokaeros and Servitors his "I've been expecting you" special rule should be the nuts!

Simian Strikeforce Alpha/Beta

The Simian Strikeforce units are the main damage dealers in my army - their 8 Lascannon shots will be really useful to pop any enemy anti-tank or anti transport units which will be very deadly for me. I'm really happy with how the camouflage on the Chimp-mera's turned out, although slightly disappointed that the recent sunshine has bleached the foliage so its slightly less jungle green than I would have wanted. I'm also quite happy with how my tank commanders turned out - I got a bit inventive with painting so that one is using an Apple Mac and one is using another fruit based technology company - Bannacom!

The Gibbon Guards / Baboon Fury

These units are my "counts-as" Purifiers. I'd initially written the list with these units being another 6 Jokaeros, however although I loved the idea from a thematic fluff side of things, the list was just too much of a glass hammer. With a full Jokaero force I had no units capable of even making a dent in combat, and too many units prone to run off the board! Hopefully these Monk-rines will add a bit of stability and help me to contest objectives and claim table quarters slightly easier.

The Gorilla Warfare Division

3 Dreadnaughts with Twin-Linked Autocannons are pretty much an auto include in any Grey Knights list - They're just so damn good!! Against medium armour, and standard infantry these guys kick ass, and I'm really happy with the models i'm using to represent them. The scenic bases came out really well, and the jungle trees come to the same height as a normal Dred so there should be no issues with line of sight etc.

Scenic Centrepiece

"Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home. All the time, it was... We finally really did it.
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! "

There's no way I could use an all Monkey army without a nod to the classic that is Planet of the Apes. I really enjoyed making this centrepiece and I think it looks fantastic surrounded by armed chimps lolSo there you go, that's my army! hopefully Blog Wars the Third will be as good as Blog Wars 2 and my chimps will kick ass on the battlefield and maybe win the best themed force - fingers crossed!

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  1. Loving the Statue of Liberty - turned out really well!