Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blog Wars 2 - Game Two

Game 2: Grey Knights vs Blood Angels + Dante (list) (Yeti Lover from Faulty Dice)

Blood Angels…..bloody, bloody Blood Angels! I have the most experience playing against Blood Angels, after several hard fought battles against David Cameron (not that one) and I can honestly say I don’t like them! Not one bit! Grey Knights excel in mid-range and although they can deal a lot of damage in combat, they’re not really built for it. Blood Angels on the other hand are custom made fist-to-the-face combat monsters! And can rip through a squad of terminators in a single charge. I wasn’t looking forward to the inevitable close combat phase but I was optimistic that I could shoot enough marines to give myself a chance

The Scenario for this game was capture and control – TP’s being awarded for controlling table quarters and having more VP’s than your opponent.

I started this game in the far left corner of my deployment – castling the two Dreadnaughts, the Assassin and the two transports in the hope of laying down suppressing fire on the advancing Blood Angels – I left Draigo and the Paladins in reserve, so that I could deep strike them to contest or claim TQ’s when needed. I managed to inflict a fair few casualties to the assault marine squads and Devastators before Dante and his Sanguinary Guard literally dropped on my doorstep In the third turn! The strike squads took out a few marines; however Dante ripped a hole through my army – One Dred and a Strike Squad + Rhino Down! This did leave a lot of the Blood Angels forces concentrated in the left hand corner, and allowed my surviving rhino to head over to the right side of the board and contest the TQ there. Also, my Dred advanced up the table taking pot-shots at anything that looked scary!

Once the Paladins arrived the game started turning in my favour – with Draigos squad virtually single handily taking out both squads of Sanguinary guard (Dante had a lucky escape thanks to hit and run, otherwise he would have been toast!) However after monstering through most of the Blood Angels force Draigo was taken out by bolter fire!! Two shots, Two Wounds, Two Failed 2+ Invuns – SNAKE EYES!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I was so unhappy Draigo was killed, he’d been awesome all game and didn’t deserve to be torn down by Bolter fire.
After three fairly frantic turns for both sides the game down to a couple of turns of claiming objectives – I think the Blood Angels MVP has to be the “lubed-up Flamer Guy” who, after surviving Combat with Draigo, two rounds of Heavy Bolter Fire and Several shots from Stormbolters – survived, on his own, to claim a TQ for my opponent – I just couldn’t touch him! In the end I think the result was 2-2 on TQ’s (the Scouts in the SW and Flamer guy in the NW vs My Strike Squad SE and 1 squad of Paladins NE) with a minor victory in VP for me.
Again a really fun game and a totally different experience to the usual Blood Angel list I’ve faced. I think both of us played well, and the game could easily have been a victory for the Blood Angels or the Grey Knights – close call! I think a draw was a deserved result in this matchup


  1. Nice write-up!

    Just picturing the flamer as the greesed up deaf guy from Family Guy...

  2. Exactly! thats how I pictured him - apparantley he was the last man standing in the previous game too, lucky B*stard